Yang Cong
Ph. D. Student, 2016

Ultrafast spectroscopy in organic aerosols

Yu Zhai
Ph. D. Student, 2017

Theoretical study on Quantum Matrix Isolation Spectra

Ji-Tai Yang
Ph. D. Student, 2018

Study of sum frequency genaration spectra

Jia-Rui Li
Ph. D. Student, 2019

Photodissociation Dynamics

You Li
Ph. D. Student, 2020

Simulation of two dimensional infrared spectra

Qian Zhu
M. Sc. Student, 2018 (Joint with Prof. Jiali Gao)

Liangyu Hu
M. Sc. Student, 2019

Rotation dynamics of solid state sodium battery

Yurong Hu
M. Sc. Student, 2020

Theoretical simulation of solid electrolyte

Jia Liu
M. Sc. Student, 2020

Simulation of sum frequency genaration spectra

Xiaoxia Liu
M. Sc. Student, 2021


Graduated members

Yong-Tao Ma
Ph. D., 2016

Now an assistant professor of Shandong University (Qingdao)

Dan Hou
Ph. D., 2016

Now a lecturer of Jiangxi Agricultural University, China

Jing-Min Liu
Ph.D. , 2018

Now a post-doctoral research fellow of IAMS, Academia Sinica

Xiao-Long Zhang
Ph. D. , 2018

Now a post-doctoral research fellow of the University of Waterloo, Canada

Rui-Jie Xue
M. Sc. Student, 2013

IR spectroscopy in organic aerosols

Ling-Yuan Meng
Undergraduate Student(Coll. of Chem.), 2013

Now a Ph. D. student of Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering, University of Chicago

Hang Wei
Visiting Student

Photoelectron spectroscopy of nano clusters

Ken Chen
Undergraduate Student(Coll. of Chem.), 2011

Development of Ground state PIMC

Jie-Feng Liang
Undergraduate Student(Coll. of Chem.), 2014

Now a graduate student of College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering of Peking University

Mingxin Liu
Undergraduate Student(Coll. of Chem.), 2015

Now a graduate student of Department of Chemistry of Purdue University

Lu Wang
M. Sc. Student, 2017

Spectroscopy and Dynamics in doped Quantum or Classical matrix

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